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  • Sunshine and stress!

    I am so sorry it has been a while. All I can say is it’s been very difficult for the past few months. It was like my writing well had dried up. My creative voice replaced with stress and not enough sunshine. Depression and rain. As the oldest child in my family I have always […]

  • Rain, motherhood and Cabernet…

    Pondering my existence as a mom to adult kids. Thankful for Cabernet, rainy nights and Jazz music.

  • Love=Happily ever after…or happy for now? (Part Two)

    Hello all… back again with the topic of happily ever after…vs happy for now. I have studied many books on this topic. I have over-thunk it so many times… I keep coming back to the same thought. Happy for now is just not good enough. You as a reader have invested all that time and […]

The Hosts

Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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