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  • What is Normal? It’s definitely not me…🤔

    In a world we’re normal is the ideal, be you.

  • A year older? Perhaps wiser?

    Ever notice that with each birthday it becomes a moment of reflection…your last year…what are you going to do this year? For me it is always a moment to set higher expectations for myself, to reflect on what I didn’t do the previous year…I’m incredibly hard on myself… As quick as I am to be […]

  • Doctor Martin Luther King…inspirational leader…celebrated hero.

    Every year we celebrate a wonderful man. One who inspired thousands. It is always amazing to hear all of the good he did in such a short time. What he wanted to achieve. I always try to be positive. Be kind to others. Treat each and every person equally. It’s what I have taught my […]

The Hosts

Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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