Stormy fall nights…and steaming hot tea…

The fall usually comes in with a blast of rain and wind. Temps drop quickly and before you know it sweaters replace tee shirts and shorts become sweats. I love the fall. Not just for the beautiful colors but because it’s when you can snuggle in with fuzzy socks, get cozy with a fire indoors and drink hot tea…or cider…(mine tend to be spiked with lovely liquors) they like the fuzzy socks warm you from head to toe…

I think flannel sheets are also a nice addition to the chilly nights. I have also reached a point where a heating pad is necessary most days. I am getting older, As I age I do not change into beautiful colors though… mostly gray… wrinkled… ( I have also become increasingly sarcastic and somewhat reliant on alcohol)

Books are always a necessity in my life. As my TO BE REAd pile gets larger…(yet I still buy them… books such a lovely thing) I look forward to the indoor hours where I can pour myself a cup of tea and read all night…till morning all while listening to the rain…

I have three books I’m writing…I have set in the fall. My favorite season. I am also working on a Halloween short story. So my blogs may be less frequent I apologize.

A movie I love for Halloween is Hocus Pocus… we watch it and Haunted Mansion every year. I am looking forward to this. (The cat above reminds me of the enchanted cat in that movie Binx)

That is all I have tonight friends. Some randomness. Some fun. Fall pictures which I love…Hope you all enjoy this coming season of the fall…Life and writing are a work in progress (just like me) 😉

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