Forward motion equals a brighter future…with a few obstacles…(and Merlot lots of Merlot!)

Hello all, it has been awhile… a lot has happened in the past few months. All good. Lots of work. So worth it. After being in a consistent limbo for the past four years. We made large strides to change our future just before Halloween. We changed jobs. We planned for a better us. Suffice to say it has worked for me. Not so much for my husband. His new job has not turned into what he wanted it too. So he’s moving forward with another hopefully. He is very similar to me I’m that we don’t like change. We thrive in stability.

My job has been a huge change. Abet a good one. I have learned more about myself, my work ethic, my drive in these few months then I have in years. It has been a major confidence boost. One I needed. Moving forward is never easy. You doubt literally everything. You talk yourself out of what might be better and stick with what’s safe. Mostly because as a parent you want stability for your children. Routine for your life. However when they are grown, you are no longer their steady. You have to find a way to become your own. To be steady in the decisions you make for you. Not and easy transition in general. Uber hard as a mom.

Since a young age I have always put others before myself. Never thinking of what I need or want. Not truly understanding me as a person. Life pulls us in so many directions we usually follow the weather beaten path. It is the most comfortable and the one the keeps is firmly inside a box. Fear is the worst of these. It keeps you solidly in that box convincing you it’s best for your family. No consideration if you or your needs.

So moving forward takes work. Wine. Confidence. Overcoming self doubts. All of these things I have been building. In this new year my goal is to become a better version of me. Happy. Fulfilled. Achieving my goals and reaching for the stars. I am excited to see where this year will go. How I will move forward in it.

That is all I have for today friends! Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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