Games and life…how they compare to real life…

Many years ago I was introduced to the world of video gaming via Mario brothers…In those days it was dots on the screen. Now there are full fledged fictional humans. Effects that make you believe what you seeing is real. Why do I love them? I will tell you…

Today I spent my day playing my favorite video game Dragon age inquisition…With each character I create I love it more. Why do you ask? Because it’s almost like writing a book. Yet it’s live and in front of you! A living breathing fiction. It’s addicting. It’s wonderful. The beauty of it is…in its simplicity. In these games your choices, conversations, relationships are all based on how you play the game. Incredible right! You are writing their story…

So today I devoted my time to other fictional characters. Combat. Armor. Dragons. Bandits. It was invigorating, challenging, and so much fun. Much like a book your reading, you cannot put it down. One chapter is never enough. My friends have teased me for years calling me a nerd. Rightly so. I am., and so proud of that. My education through books, movies, video games comics and even tv. It is a blessing…I have been able to enjoy so much of them all.

All the emotions you feel through video games you also experience in life. Excitement, sadness, fear, challenge, anger…real emotions. Sometimes even real situations, relationships, it is crazy at times how real it is. Good writing always evokes this. Your concerned for the protagonist, cheering their victory, hoping they defeat that ultimate enemy in the end.

Don’t we all seek adventure, challenge, romance, good relationships with friends and family? These are things found in many Role Playing games. They are the ones I prefer… for those aspects. Fiction is a lie. Yet if it’s told well… it’s an exceptional one. Isn’t that what all writers strive for. The complete package one in which the reader like the player is completely immersed in.

We all fight monsters in our daily lives. Demons from the past. Baggage from other relationships. Childhood experiences they make us who we are. They give us character. That is the most fascinating thing about life our obstacles make is stronger, our challenges we overcome, our demons we vanquish. Much like a game. We sometimes can learn a lot from them.

As writers. As individuals. We all make choices that determine the outcome of our lives. This is so prevalent in books as our characters come to that realization that they want more out of life then what they’ve been living. Those choices determine that outcome. So we as writers must write them well. In a screenplay, in a book, a game, or even in our daily lives. We must make good choices if we have want the outcome to be a positive one. Our choices are what we use in life.

That is all I have tonight readers. Life and writing are a work in progress…(like me)😉

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