It’s surreal that a new year has begun! I crammed so much into the last few months… I hardly noticed the time flying by…What a crazy year. Filled with ups and downs. Triumphs and some fails that fell just too short. I am extremely hard on myself when things don’t happen.

Every year brings new challenges, aging, children growing, some passing on, new births being enjoyed. In all of those things there is beauty, love, joy, and the adventure of what is yet to come.

The world lost a bright light on Friday, a women I have admired and looked up to. So was one who never gave up, never stopped being positive, finding the humor in all things. She is one of my biggest role models for that behavior and I and eternally grateful I saw her preform and inspire.

So, I need to be more open to change. Grateful for what I do accomplish and look to that next silver lining when things don’t go exactly as I planned! Find the humor. Find the fun. Enjoy the mistakes. They point us sometimes in a direction we were not intending to go.

I may not have accomplished all my goals in 2021, however now I have a whole year to complete them, make new ones…I eagerly await the crazy that this year will bring…(ok sarcasm there, I dread spontaneity) however I am open to it.

Wishing you all a happy new year!! More blogs to come…Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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