I cannot draw, I cannot paint. Whenever I see something amazing in art, I have a true appreciation for it. I understand the time and energy that is needed to complete things you are passionate about. My first book took me ten years to complete…my second four years. My third 1.5 years. I feel like, I am honing my craft and improving with each novel. I am sure wine makers and artists feel the same!

My biggest challenge with my writing is planning time for it. I am so stressed from work or exhausted from it my creative side is nonexistent. I struggle with this daily. I just have to give credit to any writing I do…wether it be weekly, monthly, or even these blogs. All are writing. My creative side is trying. I am.

Texture is so important. Just as flavors are with wine. In writing you have to convey this with words. It’s Super difficult. Describing feelings also so hard. Some feelings are so much…how do you write them? Emotions conveyed in art are instantly visible…that is incredible. Beautiful. Joyous. A vintage of wine always gets better with age. Each grape taking on the condition of the environment it’s grown in. Making each one unique, original. Creating that unique wine. Your writing is yours. Your voice yours. You are the only one that can write it.

When I studied art history in college. It was full of so many images. One of our tasks write the emotion we feel when seeing this piece. Then it was hard to describe anything. I was a teenager right out of high school my vocabulary limited. So I started studying vocabulary. Read a lot of books saw, heard, touched, could smell things through others descriptions. It was like a lightbulb had come on. Study. Learn. It could be taught. My dream of writing fiction could be taught. It was not something that came natural to every artist, every wine maker and definitely not every writer!

Each grape, each brush, each pen different. All create art that we enjoy. Struggle is real. Yet anything worth having a passion for is worth it. We just have to keep studying it, looking for that inspiration that will be the light for someone else. One that will crush there writers block. I am still searching for mine.

That is all I have today friends. Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉🍷🖌️🎨

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