Aging…good wine, and perseverance.

Once you reach a certain age. Simple things matter more. Your group of friends grows smaller. Your wants are less. New goals are set. Lists are checked off. It’s like a good wine it only gets better with time.

I’m drinking an old vine Zinfandel tonight. I had a very tiring day after a fall this morning. I have never been graceful. Yet this was a big fall. Where I live is in the middle of the country. No one around close. It’s quiet. No one to help either. Yelling doesn’t matter no one can here you. It really makes you think. Am I to old for this shit? Should I move back to city? How can I do this now?

Then I pulled myself up. Put on my big girls pants an toughed out another day at work in pain. I have the softball sized bruise to prove it. I stayed an hour and a half late. My boss gave me tomorrow off. Thank God. I am resting. I must make myself rest. It’s difficult. I am independent to a fault. My stubbornness got me into this injury. I could have asked my son. Yet I was determined to do it myself.

Perseverance got me through my day. I am training a new girl. She’s awesome. I am so happy she joined the team. I worry. She’s on her own tomorrow;🤞thanks to me and my willfulness’s to collect wood in rain and mud.

Faith in others is difficult for me. I have been burned many times. Yet, I am consistently surprised by human nature to persevere. Overcome insurmountable obstacles to reach their destination, there joy, there purpose. She will do great. I know it.

So, I guess the moral of the story is…We all age, We have control of how we age. With stubbornness and injuries. Or patience and asking for help. Either way it’s perseverance and good wine that gets you through it.

That is all I have for tonight friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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