October, Rose’ wine, and changes…

I have officially been at my new job for two weeks. It has been full of changes, new experiences, and it’s been exactly what I needed. I’m challenged again. I am excited to go to work again. It’s a crazy realization. Surreal even.

I have learned so much in my short venture in this vineyard. I am all in. This adventure has been filled with ups and downs. Mostly with my own insecurities, low self confidence. Steadily I am building a stronger self. Here I am me. I have been given an opportunity to thrive and exceed.

It is surreal to be in something new. Something so foreign. A new everything. I am so grateful for the chance to prove myself. To see actually what I can do. How well I can succeed. It is a chance I have never had before. One I am grasping and holding tightly too.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I am anxious to see all the changes in the landscape as well as in my life. Almost a rebirth for me.

So perhaps like the trees parading it’s beautiful colors, showing the beauty of seasons, the kaleidoscope of change… it is in a way mimicking my life at the moment. Change is imminent, difficult yet beautiful.

That is all I have for tonight friends…ardent expectations of this new future…life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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