New beginnings and happy endings.

A new beginning for me starts tomorrow. I am so excited for this chapter to begin. Yet, my nerves are shot. I am anxious. Worries running rampant! It takes courage to take risks. Do I have enough of it?

I am not known for my courageous decisions. I am the safe zone girl. For me to step outside the box is huge. My job however stable, was and endless stream of the same, day in day out. No expansion. No way to further career options.

My coworkers were the reason I stayed. They are the hardest working individuals. Ones who consistently rise above obstacles and accomplish the impossible everyday. They were and are a constant reminder of what hard work achieves. They are the reason I am sad about leaving them. I will miss them, more than they know!

After putting my notice in the most amazing thing happened. Every single one of these wonderful people congratulated me on this opportunity. Said I had worked hard and deserved it. What a wonderful thing to say. I was so overwhelmed. Tears flowed after work. What a blessing they were. It is just another example of how lucky I was to work with them for the last ten years.

I have had many opportunities in my life. I have always talked myself out of them. This time I am taking the chance. Praying it’s the right one.

Here’s to new beginnings, happy endings! That’s all I have for new friends! Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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