Tuesday’s, Taco’s and Turmoil…

There are days when waking up is a chore. When I think, what am I doing this for. Stress and more stress. Work drama. Home drama. Health drama. Then there are Tuesdays and tacos…and life gets better somehow.

I have always been told…”your never given more then you can handle.” I wonder…how much do they think I can handle. I mean wtf! challenges, struggles are what I deal with on the daily. When will I get that break everyone talks about?

I work hard everyday. I am nice to everyone. Still I get treated poorly. Not, recognized for my hard work…I wonder… Why do I keep putting myself through this…wake up to this dead end job everyday. No end in sight.

The above statement…is so profound. Is that what I’m doing? Is it what I want? I have always chosen the safe, solid path, rarely taking risks. Doing what is reliable.

Small things are more important now. I am learning how the grasp them with both hands. I need to figure out exactly what I want and go for it. Until then turmoil and limbo is my life.

Changes are coming friends. I will keep you posted. Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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