The summer has returned…flip-flops, sunshine, campfires and good wine!

I am pretty sure I was born in the wrong season! January verses June! I have had so many changes lately. Mentally, physically, externally when change happens I curl up and block out everything. Not the best coping mechanism I know. There is something about the sunshine that draws me out, makes me smile, sing, plop down in the middle of the grass and nap in the sunshine… It’s a whole different version of myself.

My shoe of choice is none. However if I purchase or wear them it’s usually flip flops. Which my husband reminds me…they are not real shoes. I know. Yet, they are cheap, cute and go with everything…They are the perfect shoe for summer.

With the added stress of life my days have been maxed out, my body sore, my mind exhausted, my spirit drained. I am trying to rectify this but spending as much time outdoors as I can. Lately it has been umpteen hours of yard work, no rest, and very worn out. However my highlight, and reward after a hard days work… a campfire, and a glass of wine. Absolute bliss.

I am beginning to see a light at a very long tunnel. It’s sunshine, and yard work almost done. Then landscaping which I hope I can do. Physically I wonder sometimes. Mentally I’m sixteen and full of energy. Hoping it translates to something good.

I enjoy a variety of wines. I love my wine club it gives me the opportunity to try stuff from all over the world. Gives me and insight to those places, through taste which is great for a writer, that needs to describe things. There are many stories that will follow I am sure.

In conclusion, summer is here. Days are longer. Joy is everywhere. Looking forward to many nights by the fire, ideas galore, with life and responsibilities in sync, writing will resume. I have been brainstorming and reading a lot. I will finish my third book in this trilogy. Here’s hoping!🤞

Welcome to summer readers…Writing and life are a work in progress (just like me)😉

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