Love=Happily ever after…relationships are tricky…(Part Three)

Back again with our third and final installment of happily ever after or happily ever now…Relationships are tricky no matter what. They should be. How bored would we all be if our spouse or significant other always agreed with us? Never expressed themselves. We would be misreable.

Relationships are complicated, evolving, have ups, serious downs. Rose colored glasses are in movies. Real life is so difficult in every aspect, relationships sometimes take a back seat to whatever you are struggling with. In novels we see this as conflict, usually the black moment when characters break up. This part of the book I always struggle with. I always want that happy ending, I always want the resolutions, joy. In real life it is not the case. This is why the divorce rates are so high. After the honeymoon stage ends…what then?

Whenever you involve the heart it’s more complicated. Emotions go in every direction. When your invested in a real…relationship your opening yourself up, you are venerable. When things go wrong your reaction… is usually not practical, not logical, has no facts and is based in emotion alone.

In the 25 years I have been married we have had a lot of these fights, these silly arguments, the emotional reactions…we nearly divorced. Communication is key and we…well we were not communicating. It is so difficult trying to explain emotional things to your spouse…they see and feel things different from you. Sometimes you say the wrong thing, it’s taken personally and all hell breaks lose. Relationships are hard. Writing them even harder.

So in conclusion… yes happily ever after exists. With hard work. Communication. Perseverance. A sense of humor. Compromise. Difficulties will happen. If your willing to put in work…both parties…happiness will ensue. Happily ever after becomes a reality.

That is all I have today friends. Life is a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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