Love=Happily ever after…or happy for now? (Part One)

In honor of Valentine’s Day. I am asking a few questions most readers want to know. Does happily ever after exist? Or are we all just happy for now? This is question I read a lot in the writer texts. It is the objective for each romance novel to result in one of these outcomes. Obviously you can do other things, possibly at the cost of your readers…the expectation is set high. It must be followed thru.

Let me explain…I have read countless romance novels… Historical, fantasy, thriller…all of them. It is my favorite genre. It is my chosen writing niche. As a reader the expectation is always the couple ends up together…they live happily ever after. I don’t mean like a fairytale… with pixie dust and moonbeams… I mean real people. Two imperfect souls, who look figured out how to make things work and are going forward together. So happy for now.

Real relationships take major work. So when I read a novel that half asses that, I am majorly disappointed. Adding conflict is something that keeps me cheering for them. Hoping they succeed together. The object is to make them “ok”as individuals… “better” together. I do not usually quote cheesy movies, however this one is priceless …they complete each other. Line: Jerry McGuire “You complete me…You had me at hello.”

My husband and I have been together since our teens. We have spent over half our lives together. It is worth every trial, struggle, joy, and tear. It is hard work. It is daily discussion. Constant communication. That is something that is difficult for me to transcribe in my books. Conflict. Torment. Pain. It’s easy if villains are involved however the people we love can hurt us so much more.

Broken hearts are far more lethal then a gunshot, or poison. Because they don’t go away. They become the memory, the baggage that you carry with you everyday. How you store that baggage is the challenge. Dwell on it. Brood. Or smile and reflect. What is the past stays there. However in books all those uncomfortable things have to be brought to the surface. Having a character that is relatable sells books. People want to see that character move forward. Villains tend to carry that luggage with them, they let it fester and boil…until they break and hurt someone.

So the goal is to give your readers a happy ending. Give them challenges to overcome…It’s conflicts. It’s ups and downs. Then the relationship seems real. There pain real. There tears felt. Reaching this result is not and easy one. It will give the most emotional impact. The happily ever after your characters deserve.

That is all I have tonight friends. Life and Writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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