So what happens next?

So after my debacle in overthinking…I was struck with…I have no idea what’s next? I planned to a point then hoped ideas would come. So many came. Brainstorming is awesome sometimes.

Um…this quote is so true. Self doubt hides in the shadows and appears every so often to trip you up and convince you… it will fail.

This seems to happen to me frequently. Self doubt and I should be on a first name basis at this point.

It’s a huge mental game to shake it off and move forward. Even slow motion is better then no motion. No choices. No decisions. Equal no pages. Well, try every idea you think of…(I am trying this) You can always rip up those pages. Burn them if necessary. However without them there is no change that can be made.

“Don’t give up; A Writing career is a marathon, not a sprint” By Lisa Williams Kline

The writer magazine January 2022

So brainstorm…join a writing group…read a wonderful story…write a short story…go to a coffee shop…observe, listen, record. Stuff to write about is everywhere. Find your muse in the mundane. The fun. The silly. Then you will kick self doubts ass…🤨(ps I am trying all these currently)

That’s all I have tonight friends…Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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