Overthinking is the killer of creativity…

I have been in a stalemate for the past few months. Focused on my editing and in the process I have killed my creativity.

I have been trying so hard to do all the things my editor said to do. My joy for the story, it’s characters have ceased.

So, I was fighting myself, my head, my laptop that would not update and hating pretty much everything writing related. I was depressed, unhappy and at times grumpy. These are not normal behaviors for me. I am usually the silver lining girl. The make the best out of bad situations girl. I was beginning to wonder if she even existed anymore.

This is a fault I always have had. My family were constantly reminding me it was not the end of the world. I wondered if I was the crazy one…or if they were.

I stopped doing what I loved because of logistics, grammar, stupid stuff. I had a good walk, had a good cry, fought with my laptop for two days…finally got it to work!

Then eureka I wrote seven whole pages!!! After months of nothing. Stress. Tears. Blood. Words finally came. Joy was revived. Happiness restored.

Then, I joined a writing group full of supportive writing women. I watched as they encouraged each other. I knew this was a space I needed to be. Out of the negative. Into the positive. I encouraged other women who wanted to give up, not to delete their book. I encouraged a mom trying to do it all. It is amazing what seven pages can do…what kindness and support can conjure.

So friends…Do not give in to the poison if your mind. Change your space, your feedback, get encouragement. Do what is necessary to have your joy restored.

That is all I have got tonight friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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