Character interview; Shannon …the activist

Shannon Anderson

Interviewer; Welcome back readers… I am excited to introduce you to a group of exceptional women and men…who are using their smarts, struggles, and successes to better the world…well at least in Portland, Oregon where our story is set. (All subjects in these interviews are fictional btw…just don’t tell them)😉

Interviewer: Hello, Shannon and welcome. There is so much to your story…Honestly, I am not sure we’re to start… however, I promised I would make this short so you can get back to your infant son.

Shannon: Laughing, yes he is a handful. I think he’s fine with his father.

Interviewer: Well, I will still try and keep this shorter…I just have so many questions. Your story is an amazing one….I cannot imagine being pregnant and homeless at fifteen…how did you cope with all that at such a young age?

Shannon: I guess I coped with it the best I could. I had a wonderful teacher who reached out, and her family brought me to live with them. I am incredibly lucky. Most women are not.

Interviewer: I remember when I was growing up, teen pregnancy was seen as the worst. It made me angry. No person, let alone a women should be treated that way.

Shannon: My story is just one of many unfortunately. I don’t feel I am different. I am just like other women out there. That’s why we started the nonprofit to reach women who were otherwise ostracized from society, schools, or families because of a teen pregnancy. Frankly it appalling how judgmental so many people are.

Interviewer: Yes, that is true. Completely wrong…but true. That is why your organization is so special. your nonprofit… (checking her notes…) it’s called “Second Chances” right? You started it with two college friends.

Shannon: Yes, we did. I had quit my job with the state social services, they had closed our night school for women. I felt so helpless. My best friends always encourage me. They suggested we start our own company… one that could change this statistic. I was terrified I would fail.

Interviewer: That is understandable considering the leap of faith you all where taking. With the misinformation out their regarding teen pregnancy, and homelessness’s. How did you get people to listen?

Shannon: It wasn’t getting people to listen. It was to help them see…to really see these girls. This stereotype is a big fat phony! My girls have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEOs multimillion dollar companies. Because we gave them a chance. We gave them a resource they could use without judgment. Just unconditional support.

Interviewer: That is exceptional. Just as these women are. My mom was a single parent. I am grateful everyday that she didn’t give in to those haters.

Shannon: My mother overcame addiction, trauma, and is now a successful chef and business owner herself. I am so glad you had a mom like that.

Interviewer: Thank you, I will have to call her after this interview and thank her again. (Glancing at her notes) I don’t want to give too much away. However, you met the love of your life through all of this correct?

Shannon: Blushing crimson… Yes, I did. Michael is just wonderful in every way. It’s been a process to get there…

Interviewer: What, you mean relationships take work? There not all rose colored glasses, and champagne! 😉 winking at Shannon as she said it.

Shannon: Laughing, yes if there is one thing I have learned it’s relationships are work. It’s a constant study, communication, making sure to put your partner before yourself… then throw kids in and that’s a whole different level!

Interviewer: Isn’t that the truth! My husband and I celebrate 25 years, this year…it’s been full of ups and downs. Beyond worth it though he’s my best friend.

A knock on the door…Um…sorry to interrupt…A tall dark haired man with startling blue eyes walks in…sheepish grin on his face…Shan, I can’t get him to sit still…a tiny toddler wobbles towards Shannon…ma ma…

Interviewer: No, problem. You must be Michael…and this must be James? The red headed cherub turns towards his name and gave her a toothless grin drool rolling down his chin.

Shannon: mops up her son, takes him in her arms. I am so sorry. Sometimes he just wants me. James touches his mothers face and smiles adoringly.

Interviewer: No problem Shannon. I think we answered most of the questions. The readers will have to find out the rest when they read the book. Standing she holds out her hand to Mike, and Shannon, shakes them. They leave.

Interviewer: Well, readers there is taste of the new series coming out this fall. Our next interview… is with Michael Anderson…the scientist…see you next time.

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