Happy Thanksgiving…be thankful for everything you have…🍁🍂🦃

In a time when chaos is everywhere it is nice to know there is a national holiday that encourages you to eat, drink and spend time with family. My second favorite holiday!

Last year we were unable to celebrate due to my family being inflicted with covid. They were times last year I wondered if I would live. It was extremely difficult, strenuous and life altering.

I am definitely thankful. Grateful. And full of gratitude for the life I have, my future and humbled by a sickness that leveled me.

It’s strange when you think about the small things we take for granted, the moments we think will last forever, the loves, the losses, the obstacles we overcome. I wonder sometimes how much I can take. Yet, we survive and succeed. I am looking forward to all the yummy foods, desserts, family, love, and joyfulness of the the holidays…

That is all I have today friends. Life is short. Enjoy this time you have, you never know when you won’t have it. Happy Thanksgiving!🍁🦃🍽

Writing and life are a working in progress …(just like me)😉

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