Whining…wine… and daily difficulties.

It’s crazy to go to work sometimes and know exactly how tired you are…Whining helps at times…How little sleep time got the night before, due to worry. Stress. Your back hurting… wine helps… so does heating pads, epsom salt baths…did I mention wine?

Trying to grasp motivation each and every day. Being tired. Being overworked. It’s a struggle each and every day. How do we overcome. Prevail. By drinking wine… preferably red wine…

Struggling thru some days are difficult. Don’t get me wrong… I do not use wine to get through the day… an occasional glass or two at night…My days are crazy…sometimes a mess…A breeze other days. My one constant is being tired all the time. No matter how much sleep I get. It’s frustrating. Real. Painful. Difficult.

Perseverance is key. Just keep moving forward. Keep trying. Take naps if necessary. Being grateful for what we have…our many blessings.

Stop being hard on yourself! Live…enjoy… be happy… love the life you’ve got! That is all I have tonight friends..,Life and writing are a work I progress…(just like me)😉

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