Villains part two; conflict is crossing that line.

One key thing I have learned thru writing is…conflict drives the story…it’s necessary or the plot will die out… key members in this conflict are villains, and antagonist’s…I have also learned that antagonists and villains are different characters entirely.

Villains are always the ones that cross the lines. Breaking the law, using torture, what ever method they prefer, and cold blooded killing… they have no scruples when it comes to getting there way. Reaching that inevitable goal. Revenge, World domination, a million dollars…

I love the above quote…Hero’s always have to follow a code of ethics, justice, right and wrong whereas villains have no rules, no reservations, no filters…they always beat to there own drum.

Antagonists are also a threat to our hero. They are always in the way of that happy ending, always throwing wrenches into the mix, causing trouble, sometimes even work for the villain. Yet, they don’t cross the lines. They are in essence bullies. But not killers. Usually.🤔

That is all I have for today friends! More villains coming soon, magical objects and other unusual items…Writing and life are a work in progress (just like me)…😉

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