The dark side…when villains cross the line…why we love them.

Have you ever watched a movie where your supposed to be rooting for the hero… but instead you like the villain more?

On of the things that makes us root for said villain is the likability or relatability. Just like traits we look for in hero’s… we need these for our villains too, we need to understand the why? Why did they cross that line…

I use Disney a lot… I am a fan… however they are experts in this! Hades for instance is hilarious, charming, angst… the lengths he is willing to go through to have his place returned on mount Olympus…yet we understand this because he is jealous of his brother…He wants that admiration…Don’t we all want to be respected and admired… he wants this…Perhaps too much?

Ursula is one of my all time faves, her moves, her singing, the misery she causes the poor unfortunate souls that came to her for help…Taking advantage of people who need help is also something we can relate too…She wants the sea. She will do whatever it takes to achieve this even marry a prince…

There have been many different versions of her over the years. However I will never forget her laugh, her love of fancy cars and furs…we can relate to her materialistic, champagne tastes… standards for the rich are high…but, what kind of monster kills puppies…

The evil queen… the one who struck terror into us all, whose vanity… ruled her. Nothing mattered more to her then being the most fairest of them all… these high standards for beauty in women is still prevalent. That’s how we relate to her. Everyone has had a stepmother from hell… she takes this to the next level. Poisoning her stepdaughter…

This book is my personal favorite on the topic.

There are several good books about this topic…I recommend studying them…A good villain is as valuable as the stories hero…they are the main reason of conflict…so write them well.

That is all I have for tonight friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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