The pen can…create…too many secondary characters.

This is one of my faults. I love my minor characters. I create beautiful scenes with them. Scenes that have nothing to do with my main story or protagonist. It’s a problem. One thing I am trying to overcome.

The trick is figuring out how to use them correctly. Minor characters need to serve a purpose. If they don’t have one that promotes the plot then they are not necessary. This is a great tool if it’s used effectively. That is what I’m working towards.

Disney is one of my favorite mediums for storytelling. They do it so well. The secondary characters feel like they are supposed to be there. Serve an important purpose.

For example… flower is extremely helpful to Bambi he helps him to learn how to speak. This creates a lifelong friendship. Exactly what Bambi needs, that supportive character the opposite of thumper and his trouble making lol.

Thumper is always the one who states what everyone else is thinking. He is essentially teaching Bambi what the real world is like. It’s very comical and light hearted. Another technique I strive for in my stories. I am not there yet…however I’m getting there!

These questions are where you minor characters can give that direction the protagonist needs. The thing that can help them reach there best self. Through obstacles or revelations made by these wonderful cameos. This is their purpose use them well.

These minor characters can become protagonists of their own, in their own story. I love series novels that do this. My trilogy currently has three siblings each one has there own story. Their introduction needs to be just that single purpose to help the protagonist get his or her conclusion.

That is all I have today friends…I have a new book to read…I recommend all her books they are fantastic, fun and very engaging. Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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