Motivation to work…is key too changing your mindset.

Editing as I mentioned is exhausting. It takes the joy out of writing. The fun out of creating. So your mindset is key to continually writing. Making your story shine bright.

I keep telling myself tiredness is good, it means I’m working hard. This editing project would be so much easier if I wasn’t running a household and working full time. Those two by themselves are exhausting.

I know I have to keep working. I have to continue to persevere. No matter how tired. The only way to change my life is to keep looking and working outside the box. Motivation keeps me moving forward. This goal of publication has been mine for years. I am so close. Yet so far away.

Keeping active with my writing is a challenge. I keep educating myself, learning more about my craft. My job of becoming a full fledged writer. A Published novelist. I am on the fringe of this major goal. It terrifies me. It gives me more joy then I thought possible. It’s more challenging then anything else I have ever done. Nothing worth having is easy right? Every amazing thing requires work.

So with each obstacle, with the each trial. Each sleepless night I find myself infinitely closer to this goal. I know my exhaustion will be worth it. My struggles will be worth every dead end. I will get there. It will happen.

That is all I have today friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

Still funny…😆

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