Marvel…the infinite universe…it’s possibilities.

I started reading comics when I was six years old. I taught my little brother to read…Spider-Man.. was our first choice. It was the first time he enjoyed reading. It was marvelous… pun intended.

I admit it…I am a fan. I love all the movies…All the comics…the Netflix series…the shows…I am grateful there are so many to choose from…thank you Stand Lee…

I can watch the shows, I can love them. But nothing compares to the actual comics… reading the stories and seeing the action. Recently we started watching Cobra Kai… and Iron Fist…both equally wonderful shows.

The Cap…and Iron man will always be my biggest influence in comics…Showing genius and heroism…Strength and honesty… Role motels that I love to read…nerd to the core…when writing a hero or heroine I think about these iconic characters, there is so much material. So many examples. It like fiction is infinite.

This show is good so far. Season one so far…

Hero’s will always inspire me. My characters will always be drawn from them. It is the brilliant joy that is comics. The careful writing of a script. The many layers of a person. No one is perfect not even hero’s…that is why we love them. Spider-Man constantly gets fired from jobs. Iron fist homeless. Wanda retreats into her own mind due to grief. All these things real. Likable. Relatable. In writing we must strive to create the plausibility in fiction. The most important thing though is make them seem real.

That is all I have today friends… Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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