Writing is a job…it’s fun though!

Setting a schedule to write has been one of my biggest challenges? It is so hard make time to write. It needs to be a priority. So far I have made Saturdays my day. It has been hard. However important.

So I spend ten minutes a day at minimum. I work on writing in some fashion everyday. Reading about writing. Or studying writing. Or editing. Its work. It’s challenging and actually fun.

Sometimes the work, and life is overwhelming. Then the writing… is not something I’m in the mood to do that day. Almost like calling out on work. So I pause. Then return to the work.

In conclusion make sure writing, is a priority in your day to day life. It is way to easy to put off goals you have for yourself. Believe me…I know. I am trudging forward though. Editing and bleeding on paper each and everyday. My hope is producing a product you the “readers” will love as much as I do!

That is all I have tonight friends…writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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