Editing; part three

I think someone said “Writing is like the layers of an onion…🧅 you peal each one back to reveal the heart of the story.” editing is this. I am a visual learner so I need a reference or picture to help me see it. I have found many diamonds among my prose….a whole lot of coal too!

I am finding my voice, my real tone. My style as a novelist. This editing process has been invaluable to me, I am able to see so many things differently. Cutting back the layers that are not necessary to reveal the actual fruit. My story.

I spent so much time changing my story to make it what I’ve thought was publishable… it lost its heart. It’s conflict. It’s fun. After hiring a editor. She was able to see exactly what I wanted to portray. She was able to give me tips, and suggestions to make it work better, more efficiently. The stuff she thinks my story needs is what I self-edited out.

This is one of the things I am working on. 🤔Pace. Taking out potholes, detours…creating a clean concise story on the page. 😜Believe me when I say there is a lot of congestion in my roadways.

I am working on this too. My setting. My minor characters. My tidbits. Are they needed? Are they necessary to my story. If not I’m axing them. It has been hard…however when I read the page after…I’m like…Damn! That is so much better. I think as writers we need to be readers. We need to be open to change. It needs to be the best we can offer…not half done. I urge you to read your story like a reader. Have it read to you out loud. You will see in minutes how to edit it.

That is all I have for today friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

Lol 😆

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