Editing; part two

😌Tremendous things are going to happen if you write a book. All sorts of doors to the imagination open. It is all splendid prose…I treat for all…until you begin to edit…🤔

🤔I have written a total of three novels now. I am in the process of editing one. 😜I was under the naive impression that it would be quick…I was mistaken…my editing roadmap is filled with potholes, intersections, detours galore.🙃

😒This is my problem… I overthink, over-edit, take out good stuff, put back stuff I don’t need. Ugh! 🤪It’s ridiculous how my mind and heart do not see eye to eye. My heart is filled with vocabulary and vivid verbs… 😛my head sticks out it’s tongue at me!

Right now I do not find my revision exquisite pleasure… 🥱I find it long…tedious…exhausting. that’s the truth of it though. Nothing great happens without the torture of the soul, taking out junk not needed to sculpt what you really want to say. I know…I will get there…I just haven’t yet. (I recommend the library…check out everything you can about editing)… some of it works…other times it’s overwhelming… key to this is, keep going…your story needs to be heard!

🤔 Your drafts are like your children. You feed them, care for them, love them…then somehow prepare them for the world… think of your first draft as your child going to college…you must let them go…they have to learn to be an adult…you must edit the minute to receive the magnanimous. (Told you… I love big words)

Laughing over here… I love this quote so much! Think I am going to end every edit post with it. 😆 That is all I have for today friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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