The world our oyster…travel only for dreamers?

I have always wanted to travel to the places I read about. Italy, Greece, Ireland, France, Spain, all of the United States. Adulting requires way to much money and so much time there is very little left for creative pursuits.

Seriously my entire bucket list consists of historical landmarks, dancing in an Irish pub with a Guinness in hand…I work so much. I am so tired I wonder if these dreams will ever be achieved.

Apparently niagra falls has a ride in which you can travel behind the falls! How amazing is that. I stare at that wonder of the world and think will I ever get there? Sure from the pages of a book. Or through one of my own stories… will it ever happen for real?

I had an opportunity at age eleven to travel to Spain with my great uncle and his wife. I see these pictures and constantly wonder, should I have gone anyway. Fear of flying as a child kept me from this…it’s one of those what if’s…

Peru is a place my sister and I wanted to visit. I hope we will be able too one day. Money is always a factor. Life the other. How does one make time to do extravagant things on a beer budget…

So instead I look at amazing pictures from far off lands. Create visual delights with my stories and hope that is enough. Yet all the while I wonder. I wish.

That is all I have tonight friends. Enjoy the cottage from Scotland… life is a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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