A real vacation… is that possible?

I always take time off ever year for vacation. yet every year I manage to do more work then rest. My husband and I used to take a week or two for our anniversary every year. It was wonderful to unwind, relax, just breath.

We work so hard everyday it is difficult to find time to recoup. This year we are actually taking a vacation. Camping in Utah. I am very excited I have not been a tourist I Utah before. We have always driven through for other destinations now I can actually see it.

We are also visiting Bonneville salt flats…where world land speed records are set. That in itself is pretty cool. So here’s hoping all goes well and that we have a good time. I am crossing all my fingers and my toes lol…

So for the first time in four years I’m taking a vacation! Wish me luck. That is all I have tonight friends! Writing and life are a work in progress…just like me…😉

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