Splendid words, Beautiful days…

Reading has always been an escape for me. Filling my days with words the most brilliant of day off occupations. Colors, textures, laughter, tears all caught from the pages of a book.

I can read in any season, with any type of weather. I chose to read over television or cleaning any day. It is the journey that your mind takes through those words. It is immeasurable joy.

My favorite reading spot is my front yard on a sunny day. The breeze flowing through the trees. The birds chirping, dancing from branch to branch. The hum of a humming bird as she darts from blossom to blossom. My cold drink sweating in the sun as the ice disappears.

A book is that magical place that is untouchable from the outside world. It is your own secret garden. It gives you that harbor for an hour or two…or three…or a whole day. It makes you stop take a breath, enjoy the scenery, feel the breezes, relax the body.

In my stories I try to convey this sense of setting, sounds, movement, scents. They are important in everything we do.

Books can teach us, move us to tears, make us angry, give us hope. Show us what courage really is. Instill the strength we need to conquer our own demons just as that fictional character did.

In my stories, and in what I read. There are always a pieces of me left behind. Things I can relate to. That is what makes them memorable. That is all I have today friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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