Faith in the possible. My manuscript.

So you know those moments as a parent when you send your child somewhere. You worry. You hope you made right choice. They don’t call you think the worst…anyone? Well that is how I feel in this moment…my manuscript is in the hands of a professional editor.

This dream of publication has been in my head since I was five years old. It has been everything I ever wanted to do. It means so much to me. Having faith in yourself is one thing. Having faith in your story is another. I am investing actual money $ in myself and this seemingly impossible dream…

I go work every day and give it my all. I work hard in every aspect of my life. Yet…I have never invested in myself…Why do you ask? Well self doubt for one. All the naysayers for two. Three…I didn’t believe in my other manuscripts as much as I believe in this one. It encompasses all I have learned, all that I love, it is so much better then I thought I could write.

I have passed the point with it where I think it’s ok. I have had it critiqued. I have edited it myself. I have seen it’s potential. I just needed the professional eyes on it. The I’m not attached to it in any way person, she does not know me etc. I hope I made the right choice. Now I wait to see thru her eyes what she thinks it can be.

So I choose my manuscript. This editor. This dream. The possible. That is all I have tonight friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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