Roses…ruby ale…research!

Sometimes after a long day of writing I go for a walk. Today I noticed all the roses are beginning to bloom. They are my second favorite flower with my first being lilac. I even got married in a rose garden!

Whenever I begin a book it feels like those buds waiting to bloom. I have no idea what that flower looks like until it’s in full bloom. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true…really!

The ideas are sometimes wild, crazy…idiotic… I usually keep those gems to myself. Write them down for future reference. The other day I even got an idea for a cozy mystery series…🤔

Other times it’s fluid…everything falls into place. You see flaws you could add, fears you can invoke, conflict you can create. It’s as colorful as your imagination can get. These are the days I live for. The ones where I truly believe my story idea will work…

As a writer you learn to observe, listen, glean information. You do this thru conversation. Thru reading. The best part is researching that idea. I spent a bunch of time today learning about Morse code…fascinating stuff. My imagination brimming with ideas!

This quote above is probably the most favorite I’ve found recently. I love my characters. I love the world I have created for them. It is a joy to be in it with them. I am anxious to see what they think of it all…

That is all I have tonight friends…now to my fire and my ruby ale!! Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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