Fudge bars…stress…and beginnings…of books I mean!

Starting any book is a challenge. It’s overwhelming at first because you have all these ideas! Some amazing. Some not so much. You sit down to write and nothing. No focus. So you research an idea. More ideas appear. Now your more overwhelmed then when you started. You take a walk, have a ice cream fudge bar. Then start again…

So, you start again the next day. After a few glasses of wine before bed…With more information then yesterday. Toss out ideas. Brainstorm. Try and tie all ideas together. This can be fun, or incredibly stressful…

When writing a trilogy. You have to make sure to keep your promises. You have three books to do this. A lot can happened between book one and then book two. So take good notes. Organize them if possible. Then you have a clearer path. The story is really an organic process. You have a hazy idea. As the story progresses your path becomes precise…focused…bright.

So I’m am making progress. It’s slow and steady. This third book is essential to making all three conclude, tie up all loose ends, fulfill promises.

That is all I have tonight friends…Slow and steady wins the race…Stay tuned for more updates…A few character interviews…some other fun stuff…Life and Writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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