The writing of book three…

You know how you read a series of books, have this high expectation and what outcome you want…it is everything…it is why you have invested all these hours reading this book…for that finale!

I took a full week break…(it was hard) from the finale of book two… to starting book three. To say it been a struggle in an understatement…I have sky high expectations for myself as the writer and as the reader. I want the pay off to be so satisfying and worth it…can I do it though?

Taking a minor character and making them a whole character are two entirely different things. This character has to sustain over 100k and deliver the conclusion we all hope for. A tall order. It’s overwhelming to think how far I have come. I am anxious to see what I create…🤔

So we are in baby steps with this book. My idea is evolving as we speak, as I write this. Book three will be completed. In a few months I hope. Six max…It is my current challenge. Never given myself a deadline for a book before.

My schedule is regular. My time planned. Wish me luck.

Like riding a bike…writing novels is a constant and ever changing process. It cycles like the moon, the weather, my moods lol… the process is tedious, boring at times and fraught with difficulty… perhaps that is why I love it so much!

I have hope. It is my beacon through the doubts. That is all I have for tonight friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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