Your character.. your idea… who are they really?

So you have an idea… maybe a minor character you love. You think maybe they could have there own story…how?

So you have an sketch of who they are. Why they chose the life they have…then what? How do they feel about relationships, career, family, what are their values…what makes them unique?

Yes, you actually need to know their morning routine. What do they get up and drink coffee at five am, read the morning paper? Why? Is this the routine they have had forever? How do you shake that up? Is it important too? What has your character been doing the last ten years?? Lots of questions right..,we need to know the answers. It can be overwhelming…but also amazing…informative…we may learn something new just like your character!

This is such an important tip… make sure your characters are developed, layered, flawed, make sure the time your devoting to them will also be worth it to your reader. They are your audience, your response to this mammoth you have created!

So make character you love. Your readers will love. Someone who makes mistakes. Loses her temper. Makes the wrong choice. In the end learns, balances, and fulfills their life in a way even they didn’t think was possible!

That is all I have tonight friends. Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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