Not an early bird…or a night owl…am I enough.

Me the above photo is appropriate…

Ever have those days when you are so tired every task seems exhausting? Or you want to rest yet feel like you need to keep going ninety miles an hour all the time?

Today seemed to go on forever at work. I was in slow motion or at least I felt like it. My sleep has been Sketchy lately because of all the weather and it’s bipolar nature. Freezing cold. Super hot. Warm but freezing wind. Hot and no wind. Trying to get comfortable with all those changes has been hard.

This on makes me laugh a lot!

I love finding quotes that crack me up. The above one sums up my day pretty perfectly.

I should specify on this quote. I want to work always. It’s in my dna. I have a very high work ethic. My coworkers say I am some kind of machine and have no idea how I get it all done. I just keep moving forward…an figure a way…it’s how I do my job efficiently.

This job is tough. My ass is handed to me daily. It’s paying my bills, getting me out of debt permanently… However…I am working towards my writing, my books so that I can realize my dream to work hard for myself doing what I love… telling stories…

I have the rest of this week off. Big spring cleaning projects. It is my hope to succeed in those so that I can also take some time for me. Get a few extra hours of sleep. A find a little peace before I return to my daily grind. Don’t get me wrong I am thankful I have a job. I have a good job. I just still want to dream job…

That is all I have tonight friends…I have my wine…my fire…my peace for a moment…Writing and life are a work in progress…( just like me.)😉

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