Brothers and sisters…

I am lucky to be the older sister to two biological siblings and eight step-siblings. When you are growing up the value of things is different. As you mature and become an adult you realize the amazing blessing you have been given in siblings. They have your back when no one else does.

You may not see them often. You might not talk to them everyday. However they are always there. They appear when you need them most. They have a hug and a shoulder if you need it. No expectations just love. That is greatest gift of siblings. I am writing a trilogy right now that contains three siblings. It is wonderful to write them. To use stories from my childhood to make them seem real.

I didn’t realize it was siblings day till I stopped writing today. I needed to make a point to acknowledge them. They are valuable to me. How much we all have grown over the years. We have struggled. We have thrived. We have experienced all the ups and downs together. There is comfort in that.

Needless to say I miss them all the time. I have very strong memories and they are cherished. So today and everyday spend time with your siblings. In any way you can. Gathering is necessary even without a holiday. Just makeup one so you can spend time with the best friends you will ever had.

That is all I have tonight friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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