~Stars…constellations…and bucket lists~

I am the kind of person that loves to see the stars at night. Try and find the many constellations. I could see the big and Little Dipper from my bedroom window as a child. I used to make a wish on one of those stars every night. 🌟

Tonight we have Cheshire Cat moon. Do you remember that from Alice an wonderland? Every time I see a slice of the moon in the shape of a smile I think of that. 🌙

Crazy how simple things from childhood evoke memories like that. A star. A moon. A campfire. All equally wonderful. All just as engaging. In my stories I always try to create memories from childhood. They become my characters. It is my hope that they will seem more real if there is something you or I can relate too!

I feel like the hardest constellations to find are the horoscope ones. There so small compared to Orion’s belts, or the dipper duo. I wanted a telescope as a kid so I could find all the constellations all twenty-six of them. I have over the years found quite a few. Not all yet. I guess that’s one of my bucket list adventures I need to fulfill…like visiting Europe. Dancing a jig in Ireland…

🌟That is all I have for tonight friends…just a warm fire and the stars to look at. My bucket list to compose… or add too.🤔Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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