Your future in bloom…

Do you ever notice as each year passes different things change your perspective? For me it has been adjusting to being individual. Almost an empty nester. It’s been a huge life change for me, realizing mom demands are few, mom is not needed as much. How do I just become myself again? When I’ve been mom for so long?

It’s incredibly weird to do things I want to. If I decide…I’m not cooking…they can cook for themselves…Or me just having a glass of wine instead dinner…I’ve started reading more. Watching shows and movies I want to. And, according to my adult daughter, and almost adult son…I have become a gamer mom. Lol 😆

Don’t get me wrong I still have plenty of bills. I work full time and take care of a property. It’s just I have more free time now. I have paid off lots of things so more money leftover now. I can buy wine at my leisure. Or not drink it at all and buy fancy coffee beans and grind it myself, it’s amazing the difference between adorable coffee and fancy coffee.

So now I have all this free time to write. Edit my stories. Publish them. Etc. I even have time to write a blog now lol…So writer me is blooming, wildly, fully, and definitely loudly! Hope you all can find ways to bloom too. That is all I have tonight friends…writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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