Sunsets…and spring.

Every time I watch a sunset it’s a beautiful tapestry of color, cloud, and vast sky. I feel the air warming, the birds activity, and then comes my allergies. Yesterday…I was sneezing the whole day. No remedy for seasonal allergies. In my case year round.

Still I love the flowers. Everything blooming. Yes I have moments of misery it’s worth it though. Just like a very good hot sauce the pain is worth the flavor.

This quote is such a true statement about spring. The sun is warm, the wind is cold. Yet it’s lovely. I have a seasons trilogy, I am starting the spring book soon. Influenced by the blooms, and weather. I think that settings are important to transcend the mood. Everyone can relate to allergies, or a chilly wind. Details are essential when using visual storytelling techniques.

So friends… I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather and entrance into spring. Stay tuned for more updates on my releases coming soon! That’s all I have for today… Life and writing are a work in progress. (Just like me)😉

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