Chilly nights…warm sweaters…an wine

Do you ever have those days where mine is filled with so many things it’s overwhelming. You have a to do list, a pay things list, what do the kids need list, groceries. It’s a never ending ream of paper and thoughts.

It’s true. I use coffee daily, water consistently and wine regularly to get through the long cold days. The endless responsibilities. The moments of grief. The times of stress. (Don’t worry though it takes me days to drink a bottle of wine. It’s usually just one glass, occasionally two. That’s it though.)

I was never a girl who watched sex in the city. But I love this quote. You know all those New Years resolutions to loose weight… yeah I say my carbs for my wine it is so worth it. Consequently it actually relaxes me, helps me focus and cross off my lists so I can go to sleep. Weird but true I know.

I was able to see my family safely twice this month already. You cannot put a price on family time. My sisters, mom and I can easily put away a bottle. I gave my mom a warm sweater, and a bottle of wine for her birthday. My sister a wool shawl. Comfort comes in many forms. Talking, hugs, socializing, warm sweaters on chilly nights also a plus.

That’s all I have tonight friends…Hope you are cozy and warm with a sweater and a glass of wine on this chilly night too…cheers…Life and writing are a work in progress(just like me)😉

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