A family gathering…involves wine….a birthday…an lots of laughter…

In fifty years people will say… remember that Jessica writer… she liked wine, loved her family, writing good stories, and she made us laugh a lot. (At least that is what I hope they will say)

We planned a surprise birthday for my mother. Whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day. She turns 64 this year. I am so proud to call her my mom. She was the one who introduced me to the library, books, stories. She wrote her own. Now I do. It is a full circle. I never realized how important it was to gather together as a family until we could not due to Covid-19.

I think in general we take things for granted. Always sure we will have that “next time” we do not. Life is so short. It is so easy to be “Busy” and not talk to family, gather together regularly, it is heartbreaking. I am changing that this year if I can. More gathering. More meals. More time with loved ones. It’s all about making that time.

With every family gathering of mine, there is always wine. Or some alcoholic beverage. It’s tradition like meatballs with spaghetti…also my family is heavily Italian. We have always been so close. No mile to long, no time inconvenient, just together making memories. With lots of laughs thrown in.

So friends if you can start a gathering of your own. A day you can celebrate each month with your family. No birthday, no holiday, no special occasion required just because…if you are already doing that I applaud you for setting aside your time for memories.

That’s all I have tonight friends…life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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