My love affair…with the Sims!

I found this game for the PlayStation 2 and I fell head over heels in love with it!! I am a planner. A bit of a control freak who loves to be creative. It fits me perfect! It like other games is writing in a different form. They feel, they react, they love, the cry… it’s complete immersion of all creative pursuits in one!

I was an avid sims 3 player. I loved all the customization it allowed. When sims 4 came out we lost all that to begin with. Now with there latest update it’s back. It’s like my lost love and I have been reunited at last!!

Awesome parenting! A thing!

I have expressed before how games for me have always been a relaxing pursuit. I throughly enjoy creating, engaging and experiencing things through my characters eyes. Now with the emotions they have added it’s more real. You see how your choices for them directly effect everything in there lives. It’s really amazing actually!

Yesterday, I actually had a day off…weird right? I could chose to do anything. I chose sims. I literally played all day. I created an entire town and it’s inhabitants. So much fun. I was so relaxed. So happy. My very own utopia.

This above quote is funny, because in this game you are God. You are the one who lets bad things happen. Yes random stuff sometimes. Mostly you.

So I guess the moral of this blog is do what makes you happy! No judgement. No reason. If it’s fun then allow yourself to do it. To often as moms, as hard workers we neglect that. We don’t allow are selves space to breathe and enjoy. So just like we create these things for our characters in fiction, in writing, in games. We should also enjoy those benefits too!

That’s all I have today friends! Writing and life are a work in progress…( just like me)😉 Ps I have another town to build…

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