Progression in the voice of fear…

I don’t know if this happens to you, I doubt myself…I let that creaking, rusty door open and I hear all the voices from my past telling me…you are not a writer…you will never get published…you are not good enough to write this book!

I also feel incredibly isolated in this pandemic. Separated from all I enjoyed before it. The library, Resturant’s, movies even the mall. I wonder if those things will ever reopen. If my extended family and I able to hug once again safely.

Then I yell at myself for these stupid ideas and thoughts. Everyone experiences depression sometimes. I remember I am progressively moving towards completing my second book in this trilogy! That I have book three to write.

I emulate resilience… I was born this way… three months to early with zero percent chance of living. Here I am. God put me here for a reason.

Being a writer has given me a place to express these feelings. Thru my characters. Thru my ramblings. Thru poetry at times. A release of bad energy to allow positive in. The important part is to let it out. Holding in negative thoughts sew the seeds of depression. Vent to your friend, your lover, your journal… hell your therapist if you have one. Progression can only happen with repeated steps forward. It is something I remind myself daily.

We are warriors. Each in our own capacity. We overcome. We fight. We are victorious. Please don’t forget that my friends…that is all I have for tonight… writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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