Character interview… Lukas Bass

Interviewer; So today we are interviewing Mr. Lukas Bass. As you found out last week he is father to Isaac age 13, and dating Miss Taryn Capes. He is also a successful lawyer in Portland, Oregon.

Lukas; I am so sorry we are a little late with this interview. I was in the middle of a big case in Portland, I could not get back by Friday as we discussed.

Interviewer; It is not problem. Your job as a lawyer is a tough one sometimes. Your only done when the trial is. I understand that. My father has hired many of them.

Lukas; laughing… I wonder if your father has hired me.

Interviewer; I don’t think so. He’s in Los Angles. You work out of Portland, Oregon.

Lukas; I also work several cases for a non profit organization called Second Chances. Created by women. A former women. That is where I feel I make the most impact. My corporate job just pays bills.

Interviewer; Really? That is so wonderful. I am sure many women have appreciated your service.

Interviewer; I guess I’m getting off topic. The reason your here today is to clear up some confusion about ghosts as roommates, and a family curse. I was hoping you could explain these to me.

Lukas; Let’s just say they are very interesting characters. The Captain still smokes his pipe. She still sings every night. Habits die hard I’m afraid. Chuckling, pun intended…as for the curse it’s a mystery we haven’t solved it yet. We are getting very close.

Running into the room then…Hey, dad didn’t you say we were going for pizza… since I aced my math test? I’m starving. A young man with identical features, and green eyes instead of blue turned… oh I’m sorry I interrupted…his stomach growled loudly.

Interviewer; Oh it’s no problem… are you Isaac then?

Isaac; Yes, ma’am I am.

Interviewer; So are you glad your parents are back together? What do you think of all these ghosts, curses and stuff.

Isaac; Well, I hope the solve it soon so we can get stuff back to normal. The ghosts are cool though… you can see through them and everything!

Interviewer; laughing…well that is one way to look at it I guess.

Lukas; He, stands then shakes my hand. I am sorry to run, you heard his stomach he’s hungry. Getting an…A on a math test is a big deal!

Isaac; Yeah, until my aunt Addy helped me I was failing math. Now it makes sense. Pizza is always the best!

Interviewer; I stand and shake Isaacs hand and Lukas’s hand. Thank you for you time both of you. Great job on your test!

Isaac; Thank you.

Lukas’s winks at me. I blush again. Isaac laughs.

Interviewer; Well, that is all I have today folks. Each Interview gives us more information. It is frustrating trying to be and investigative reporter with no definitive answers. I hope to have a conclusion for you soon readers stay tuned…😉

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