Let it snow…and let it go!

I’m sure you are all thinking of the movie frozen with that title. I can honestly say the song is in my head now…lol…we had some snow flurries yesterday. I was so excited it was snowing. Then it didn’t stick around. So my snowy winter ideals will have to wait…

In other news…. I usually get my best ideas for my stories when I’m trying to go to sleep. It’s annoying. I try to cultivate ideas while wide awake sometimes it works other times no. This is why I have a notebook next to my bed titled; Night Notes…

I am working on the third act of my third book. It’s a struggle. I am trying to tie up loose ends, externally and internally in the plot, character arc, romance arc…I have such high expectations for myself…It’s torture sometimes…What should I do? What should she say…would he react that way…How do I make it all fit together…then it dawned on me maybe it doesn’t have too!

When starting a story you have millions of ideas, characters, settings in mind. You try to make all of them fit into your story…they don’t…It is not because they are not good ideas. It’s that they do fit not within this story, this character, this season. You have to learn to let go…of some. (Add them to a notebook save them for later) It is tough because you really love that minor character…she needs her own story…🤔…Trust me…It’s worth it though…When you take out all the stuff that doesn’t fit. The right pieces fall into place exactly how they are supposed too!

So many have tried to discourage me. So many have tried to convince me I’m not good enough. In order to keep moving forward I have to let those thoughts go. Be confident in who I am as a writer. Real writers persevere no matter what. That is what I intend to do.

That is all I have today friends…I will have another character interview by the end of the week…writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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