A year older plus a couple of days….oh and marriage is work!

My husband is a year older than me plus six days lol…I’m a little late on my blog this week because we snuck away to the beach this weekend. What a glorious time it is to stay in a beautiful room, with a view of the sea and have no obligations whatsoever!!! This is something my workaholic husband and I both have trouble with. We are both pesky Capricorn’s…

We spent actual time talking. Lounging in our pajamas eating Doritos in bed lol. That’s really rebelling for me I like everything neat as a pin usually. It is so good for the soul to have moments like these. I was actually glad stuff was closed due to pandemic it gave us more time together!

We are both grayer now. We have spent half of our lives together. At times growing together. Many times we started to grow apart. Marriage is work. I think a lot of people have such high expectations for relationships. Yet they don’t understand why they fail. It’s because you need to work at it daily, constantly, consistently…what? Yes, exactly…Marriage is work…It is so worth it if both parties are all in. Each willing to do there part…

Someone asked me what the best part of being over forty was…well the above quote…lol…

Ok…😆…in all seriousness…it’s knowing who you are as an individual person. What you want to achieve. I have learned it is not selfish to want things for myself, to have goals, to continue strive for our dreams. All of these things make you a better human…for yourself…and it certainly makes you a better partner for your significant other…Your individuality is as important as theirs is…You both need to feel confident in who you are then coming together as best friends, teammates, coparents is a walk in the park…

I try to incorporate all I have learned over the years into my fictional characters. Giving them true motivations and goals… real reactions to things. Sometimes based on real life. Sometimes imagination contrived. Throughout it all it has taught me to be bolder in my writing, in my friendships, my relationships, my marriage. It gives me a wonderful peace to know I am on the right track for me. The constant path with my husband. (Hopeful for more beach trips in the future) I am loving the age I am now gray hairs and all!

That’s all I have tonight friends… writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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