Character interview…Taryn Capes

Interviewer; Today we are interviewing Taryn Capes younger sister to Addyson. She is a chef and a single mom to Isaac who just turned thirteen!! It is so great to meet you I have heard wonderful things about you from Addyson.

Taryn; Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I have heard much about you too. Addy said you were very nice.

Interviewer; Well, thank you. My boss knows your mom so I feel like I know you both very well already. So I see here in my notes your opening a Resturant soon, on the same property you inherited with Addy and your brother Mycah…

Taryn; Yes, it is very exciting…Things have progressed so quickly, and so smoothly. It’s almost like my Gran has had a hand in this all along and we were supposed to do this. I have always loved to cook, and cater things now I am creating a job that feeds both my passions.

Interviewer; Glancing at her notes, a shuffle of paper and then… Yes, your Grandmother Katy… the one who willed the house to you all. It was her residence until her passing…She was an intricate part of your lives growing up… right… your mom worked a lot… unfortunately it’s a curse being a journalist at times.

Taryn; Yes, our mother was away a lot when she took over her family paper. We were lucky to have our grandparents near by…so we lacked for nothing. We had great, food, companionship, and as a kid it was wonderful.

Interviewer; So I see here your helping organize the auction gala for the Driftwood lighthouse. You are trying to raise enough money for it to be placed on the historic register correct?

Taryn; Yes, I have done catering for years. Half of my Resturant with be a catering business so it has been great experience for me. It’s challenging to work in an environment that you love. The lighthouse is a beacon for many, history for others and also a great year round tourist attraction for my beach town.

Interviewer; Glancing at her notes. So Addy and Carter have mentioned ghosts. It’s quiet puzzling to me. I have never encountered speculation of such in my past interviews. It is still very hard for me a realist to believe. I mean ghosts in love, trapped on earth in a curse? It just seems like a fictional story to me. What are your thoughts on this. What have you told your son about all this?

Taryn; laughing… yeah I know it’s a lot. She pats the Interviewers hand…It is very real…I have explained things to my son the best I can…We as a family are doing what we can to help our spectral ancestors. They are actually pretty wonderful for spirits. Maris our ghost reminds me a lot of my Gran… I have become very attached to her… part of me doesn’t want to solve there curse…I’d miss her to much.

Interviewer; eyes wide…so you actually have conversations with her? Like she’s real?

Taryn; Oh yeah… half the time she’s lecturing me though… just like Gran did.

…A tall dark and handsome fellow can in the room then. His towering frame ducking to enter. His blue eyes fixed on Taryn…glancing at Interviewer…I am sorry to interrupt but we have any appointment with Isaacs school…his math class remember…in like five minutes…oh crap Taryn exclaims…standing and grabbing her purse… holding her hand out to mine. Thank you for your time… sorry to run.

Interviewer; Standing and shaking her hand in response. No problem… I am sorry our interview when over the time I stated.

Taryn; She smiled. No problem. Let’s go Lukas. The handsome man winked at the interviewer. Taryn smacked him. Quit your flirting we have parenting to do. Laughing she exited the room! He smiled. I’ll see you next week madam… then ducked out the doorway.

Interviewer; Sitting down again…knowing my cheeks where on fire. Touching them to cool them…It was as if I’d never been flirted with before. Glancing at my notes. Lukas Bass the charming… was my next interview how was I going to get through that…if one wink made me all flustered?

Interviewer; Well folks that is all we have tonight… again I am puzzled about this curse, these ghosts…each time I hope for clarity and become more confused. Perhaps we will have are answers soon. I apologize for blushing too. If you saw him you would understand. Anyway. I’ll see you next week…

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