Character interview…Carter Sands

Interviewer: It is so nice to finally meet you Mr Sands. I have heard so much about you. I met your lovely fiancé Addyson Capes recently she told me…

Carter shakes my hand then sits down taking his hat off so it’s in his lap. Thank you for having me… although I’m not sure why you want to interview me he runs a calloused hand they his wavy brown hair… I have a lot of projects I’m working on so I hope this won’t take long. Yes, we were able to restore the Inn to it’s original integrity. It had amazing bones, and was well preserved. So the task was involved, yet surprisingly smooth sailing. Excuse the pun I live in a seaside town it happens.

Interviewer: Laughing, well I was told before this interview you were always straight to the point. I promise this won’t take long Carter. He nodded his head. So you used to be an architect in Seattle for a large firm there correct? Why did you leave such a prestigious job to return home?

Carter: My father and his brother Walt have owned the construction company for many years. Walt retired, then my dad had a heart attack. At the time I was sure it was because I needed a break from corporate projects. Now I think it was meant because I met Addy and I’ve never been better!

Interviewer: So you think it was fate that brought you home? Addy was talking about ghosts. These are things we don’t normally see in our world today. On another note is your dad ok from his heart attack?

Carter: laughing… I understand your thoughts on this. If I had not been through it and seen it with my own eyes I would not believe it either. Yes, I believe I was meant to come home to stay to take over my families business and find the love of my life in Addy. Yes, my dad is great. He is loving retirement. No more heart troubles either my mom has him on a strict diet and regimen.

Interviewer: Don’t you think all these things could be coincidence? You happened to be in the place where she was? What about this ghost in Addyson’s Inn, have you seen her? For a logical, facts based journalist it is hard for me to believe all this. Love of your life too? Really?

Carter: He smiled then. You can call it coincidence, fate, or meant… whatever you want. It is my fact. It is my reality. She is the love of my life. She understands me like no other. My job is something I love more then any corporate architect gig. And Maris… of course I’ve met her. The love of her life is Captain Jacob Waterstone he is my current ghost resident in my family’s Inn.

Interviewer: Jaw dropping… there’s another ghost? There is another Inn…your ghost…He’s in love with Addyson’s ghost? What the hell is happening here? Eyes blinking. Taking deep breath’s. She continued. Looking thru her notes from other interview. Addyson said sometimes ghosts cannot leave this world until they have received the closure they need. Is this the case here?

Carter: Yes, they both have some unfinished business here. I’ll leave it at that. I guess you’ll just have to read the book and find out. He winked at her then. Standing and replacing his Cubs cap on his head. He held out his hand to the interviewer. Thank you for your time, I have an appointment at a Resturant I’m currently building. 

Interviewer: Um… somehow she lost control of this interview something that never happens to her. She stood shaking hands with Carter. Thanks for your time… she stammered…He exits her office. She sat down with a thud… what just happened? How did her interview veer so off course? Running a hand thru her own hair…glancing at her meager notes from interview. 

Interviewer: Well folks that is all I have today…

I can honestly say I am more confused then ever. We do have four more interviews so hopefully we will all get clarity at some point. 

Next time we will be interviewing Addyson’s sister Taryn…glancing at her notes… she is a single mom and chef. Starting her own Resturant on the same property as Addyson’s Inn…that should be a fun interview maybe we can share recipes. 

Until next time..

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