New year… new goals…so grateful for them.

Hello all! Happy new year. Here’s hoping this year is amazing.

I started this blog towards the end of last year hoping I would have a place to share discoveries, revelations, and writing inspiration. I feel it has definitely been that. I hope to be much more dedicated to my blog this year. My goal four posts a month!! One each week. 🤞

My writing and posts lapsed because of my family contracting COVID-19…it literally put us out of commission for the entire month of November and into December…definitely a segue I was not planning for. Here is hoping things go more to plan this year!

So my hope for this year is to complete my little goals may they be stepping stones to bigger ones. May my small writing opportunities lead to larger ones. May our health continue to improve, our lives feel more fulfilled, and let us not take for granted the little things for they are the big things!

That’s all I have today friends!! Life and writing is a work in progress…(just like me!)😉

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