Illness and perseverance…

It has been a tough year in so many respects. So many trials…very few positives. At times I wondered if I’d ever break out and see light again. I did. Physically I am recovering. Mentally I’m trying…my husband, mother in law, and myself survived COVID-19… I say that seriously there were times I was not sure we would.

I will be honest when I say… I did not take this illness seriously. I was taking all precautions. Not traveling. Just working hard at the hospital and staying healthy through exercise and vitamins. Yet we still got it…my husband works in retail… that is where we got it from. His business was not taking precautions… not taking this seriously.

I have never been so debilitated from any illness. I am that employee who doesn’t get sick. Shows up for work everyday. On time. Never uses sick time. This illness flattened me. For the first three days I could not move out of bed. For seven solid days I experienced every symptom of flu, cold, allergy all at once… no breaks, no recovery. A relentless assault on our body. Using traditional methods to fight it off. Sleep, liquids, vitamin c and D… I wanted to make sure it was gone.

Thankfully we are all healthy now. Out of our 21 day quarantine. Slowly we are healing mentally and physically. I still lose my breath at random times, still get vertigo, and I am tired. I survived. We lived. It may sound dramatic but it’s complete truth. Please friends take care. Use precautions. Be safe. For you may have to learn how to survive this as well. Prayers to all those who have experienced this. To those who lost the fight. I pray for your families may they have courage, resilience, and piece of mind to move forward they are also survivors.

That’s all I have today friends…Writing and life is a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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